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Ukraine - Act in Ua

What is Act in Ua?

Act in Ua is a "national educational project of AIESEC in Ukraine for student and recent graduates based on “learning by doing” concept and international experience, which is aimed to get and implement project management skills."(Text provided by organizers.)

Project issue: Entrepreneurship

Task: To activate young generation of Ukrainian leaders and give all needed knowledge and skills to make visible impact into society

Job Description: 
1) The project is based on “learning by doing” concept, sharing and adaptation of international experience in project management. Main task is to coach and facilitate own project team, manage project preparation and realization of small projects within “Act.in.ua” project 
2) To prepare and run trainings, working groups, brainstorming about: team management, project planning, selling and communication in projects, logistic, project realization 
3) Implement additional instruments for project team management, team building, creating learning networks, project realization 
4) Support own team in practical realization of gained knowledge, planning, selling, promoting and organizing chosen project 
5) Show foreign country through presenting national traditions, food, history, clothes in order to show the variety of world's cultures and to share the idea of cultural, religious tolerance 
6) Take part in LC activities, integration events, be involved into LC work - facilitation, education, PBoX preparation, recruitment, OGX activities, others

Further information in presentation below provided by organizers:

Some content provided during the International Trainers Camp

Mini-projects development:

Team Management Skills:


Who am I in Act in Ua?

During all the period of the exchangem it was requested to interns - like me - to talk about themselves, their countries and related issues, so, I made this short presentation about myself, my city, my country and etc...

Who was with me in Act in Ua?

There were people from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Morocco, Brazil, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, México, England, Greece and Turkey!

How was Act in Ua developed?

After the International Training Camp held in Kyiv, groups of four people were distributed in Ukranian cities like Kyiv, Odessa, Donetsk and Simferopol. I was allocated at Simferopol.

The project was developed as shown below:

Team Building

Project Planning

Finance and promotion

Preparation of project realization


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